Through a DV 360 license, artistHQ is able to purchase google products at a programmatic rate, and give the artist the lowest possible pricing for YouTube advertisements. This also includes extended reporting, and the ability to collect data on earned views, earned subscribers, earned playlist, and more...

Trueview is an in-stream video product that runs exclusively against YouTube content. Inventory is purchased through DV360 against a targeted audience and context or environment (Ex: W21-35; with an affinity for Lorde). Using an artist’s video asset, A view counts as either :30s or half of the video – whichever is shorter.  

why trueview? 

TARGETING!  We utilize behavioral and contextual targeting ensuring we are only reaching users interested in your music. Additionally, there is an elastic supply of video inventory on YouTube, ensuring scalability and achievement of video-based KPI’s, while increasing views & engagements on the artist’s content. 


ArtistHQ uses the Tagger platform to research your artist – who is their audience, where are they located and what are their affinities.


Tagger is an end-to-end, data driven influencer marketing platform. It pulls extensive data and analytics generated from the archival and indexing of over 20 Billion social conversations.


Once the artist’s audience demographics and affinity profiles have been determined, artistHQ can then run the client’s ads on all platforms to targeting similar artists, publishers, venues, etc..

Spotify Ad Studio


Sponsorships, takeovers, video and display – the Cue mobile offering extends across every vertical and includes tons of unique and site-specific integrations and executions, in addition to video and display units at a massive scale

Mobile Web & In-App Opportunities

Custom & Native Editorial

Branded storytelling that seamlessly aligns to a specific publisher’s voice and audience, created specifically for your brand. On-site native and social distribution included

Publisher Integrated Social 

Leveraging the organic Canadian reach of Cue’s powerhouse pubs to deliver a variety of social executions including Facebook video seeding, Instagram Posts and Instagram Stories

High Impact Takeovers & Sponsorships

100% SOV Opportunities across every Cue site to own key days, times & tent pole events.  Includes all IAB rising star units and custom sizes + skins across a selection of properties

available across

Cue's exclusive network

Let our team handle the advertisement production development, including creative and design. Whether you’re looking for a creative for an upcoming release, or fast turnarounds at an affordable rate, our team is able to do video edits, ad builds (rich media banners/units, static standard creative), and mockups. 



Introducing Boost Box

Artist-created social posts delivered as digital ads alongside Cue Digital’s premium publisher content. ArtistHQ has access to buy these ads programmatically across 100’s of major publisher websites, targeting Canadian audiences. 

How Does It Work?

Social posts from any platform are dynamically rendered through a mobile 300x250 ad slot.  They break out of the iframe providing an integrated look and feel. Platforms can include Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter

How Will It Be Used?

Running your social post in contextually relevant environment increases engagement, in-view time and CTR

With 10x greater in-view time than on-platform social

Posts can drive back to the UP website



Ad Production

Let our team service the creatives for your campaign and tailor it to your needs. 
From static standard sized ads to custom sized HTML5 Rich Media ads, let Cue handle all your ad production needs from start to finish

Please contact us for rates

Video Production

From shoot day, to the final edit, and everything in between, we have you covered.

- Video Editing

- Motion Graphics

- On location shoots

Please contact us for rates

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